The Victoria Park, Nuwara Eliya


The Victoria Park, Nuwara Eliya

Bits and pieces of Little England

The park was originally the research field of the Haggala Botanical Gardens but was formally named separated commemorating Queen Victoria’s Diamon Jubilee as the Victoria Park. Thou it was named for a Queen the first tree of the park, and Oak plant was planted by a visiting German princess.

The beauty is that the Victoria Park is a collaboration of nature’s watery and greenery beauties thou kept under the care of humans. The Naanu Oya River which runs through the lakes spots small scenic lakes shattered here and there adding a beauty exceeding natural landscapes. And if you are a bird lover eager to watch species endemic many of them could be found in the park with their little ones. And if the kids need a little free space, at the far end you will find a children’s playground with a rideable railway.

Unlike the mainstream Botanical Gardens but yet worth a stop by to feel the neatened lawns and shaped flower beds running down to beautiful streams and puddles of water surrounding a number of hill country bird species such as Yellow-eared Bulbul, Pacific Swallow, Indian Pitta, Grey tit, Kashmir fly catcher and the Indian Blue Robin.